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Skin bleaching in your privates

Should you do it?  And more questions answered....


Jenna from Minneapolis asks, "I was recently watching an episode of Dr. 90210 and I saw the segment in which the actress Tabitha Stevens goes to a salon for skin bleaching in her private area. I do have Brazilian bikini wax regularly since my husband likes it and now I am wondering if skin whitening in that area is for me. I mean, it is a bit dark down there and most women I spoke to say the same. What do you think?"

Indeed, this procedure is starting to emerge along with permanent hair removal in that area. Japanese and Brazilian women popularized the hair removal part and the Hollywood actresses are now getting the skin bleached. And while it does not truly fit the definition of plastic surgery, it is something that some medical salons and spas are offering. And like labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, and hymenoplasty, no one talks about it much but if you ask discreetly any spa or salon will do it for you.
What happens during the bleaching treatment?

The spa professional will first clean the area using a natural or sometimes synthetic antiseptic cleaning product. Since many women choose to have hair removal done using waxing or other procedures at the same time, that will be the next step.  In the second stage, a bleaching chemical is applied and left on as it gradually lightens the skin color.   The chemical is cleaned and you are ready to go.


Since you are using a professional to do it for you, expect to pay between $50 and $100 depending on what else you include (e.g. waxing may cost extra in some cases).

Can you do it yourself?

Yes, a large number skin whitening or lightening or bleaching creams are available on the market. However, you may want to use the help of another person to get it right. Otherwise, make sure that you have enough mirrors.  Remember that only the bleaching part can be done at home; for hair removal you might want to use professional help.

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